Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Can someone be charged for helping the family out from a car wreck

Although this episode seems to be really unfair and unbelievable but when Derrick Denda pulled the Rollover car into California's Elk Grove accident, his first instinct was to do what he could to help. However, he did not expect that a $ 143 bill was sent for his work in the scene of the accident. On seeing a vomit car inside a man and his three young children, D Anda broke with the windows of the car and helped the family get out, CBS Sacramento Report. When the first respondents arrived, they pulled out for injuries  and gave him water according to the newspaper. Weeks later, they received a bill from the first respondents Cosmans Community Services District in the mail. DeAnda was shocked "I mean, if I'm going to get a bill for $ 150 then why would I want to stop helping someone?" He said in an interview with CBS Sacramento.

Commentators on CBS Sacramento's Facebook page strongly agree with David and believe that the charges are absurd. A commentator posted here, "He should first billed the respondents because he was the first responder and he was doing his job." Mike McCalllin, Deputy Chief of Cosmignine told CBS Sacramento that although D & # 39; s position is unique, issuing the first-respondent bill is standard practice for his district. They said, "We are bound to provide the same level of service, the same billing, everything else - for every patient we face." Venus, however, Dada can appeal to the district head by writing a letter which states the situation. McCullough told CBS Sacramento, "There is a mechanism to appeal it, it's a mechanism to create this right." "Our desire is to make it right."